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Introduction to the survey

Increasingly, we are all rightly expected to take personal responsibility for our own development and this interactive tool will help you to identify strengths and areas for development.

Our free survey of 10 questions is drawn from a part of our own leadership behaviours survey with 38 questions about leadership competencies. By completing this free survey you will receive responses from colleagues whose feedback you would value, as well as your own responses about your performance at work as a managerial leader.

Once the survey is completed we can email you normed data so you can compare your results against those of managers in top UK and international businesses.  You can decide what changes you might wish to make. Or contact us to run a full survey with optional coaching.


Please invite up to 10 people to complete the on-line questionnaire.  You will then be able to view the results. Once you have registered and set your own password, only you can only access the data collected.

One of our consultants may contact you within a few weeks of your registering to briefly review the results of your survey with you and to identify any ways in which we might be able to help.

Start a survey to find out more about yourself and see how our online 360 works.

Use the initial username and password to gain access. Then register your own details, email address and preferred password. The survey engine will email you a link so that you can return to it and log on to your own survey at a later stage.

Initial username is:     LBS

Initial password:     sample

360 surveys

Try our free 360 degree survey and get feedback on your own management style

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