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Power Base Selling – Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter by Jim Holden.
A machiavellian approach to sales, particularly dealing with the politics of the client organisation. Includes a useful self-diagnostic section in the epilogue.

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & William Ury.
The definitive works on negotiating. Lots of case study examples. Combined with Gavin Kennedy’s book, this should be required reading for any negotiator.  

Strategic Selling – Secrets of the Complex Sale by Miller, Heinman, and Tuleja.
An influential book for large organisations dealing with big accounts. Includes a Buying Influencer model helpful for consultants and extends the theme of understanding the needs of different influences. Also covers multi-account strategies so you can keep the business rolling in.  

Everything is Negotiable by Gavin Kennedy
My personal favourite! I burnt my feet horribly while sunbathing, I was so absorbed in it! Each chapter opens with a quiz to stimulate your thinking and ends with the answers. Useful for anyone, from selling your car to negotiating that multi-million pound consultancy contract. I got 10% off the price of my book – see if you can do better!  

True Professionalism by David Maister
The current “classic” for professional firms. Includes the ubiquitous four box model covering different consulting providers. Use the ideas for yourself or for your firm. The chapter Are You Having Fun Yet? will make you think about your own development, as will the chapter on Dynamos, Cruisers, and Losers.  

Making Major Sales by Neil Rackham
Helps you understand how SPIN selling came about and why it works. Deals well with the face to face skills of selling and the particular dread of many professional sales people – the close.

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Perfect In-House Training
by Colin Jones-Evans

Impro Learning
by Paul Jackson

Designing and delivering training for groups by David Leigh

58½ ways to improvise in training by Paul Jackson


Our consultants have identified their favourite management books and even written some of their own.