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You can contact us, use our 360 feedback tools, and subscribe to our newsletter secure in the knowledge that we will not share your data with third parties without your permission.  
Privacy Policy

All visitors to our websites - anonymous information:

We log your IP address, (the number or web address that identifies the ISP's computer through which you connected to the Internet), and the URL (web page address) of the last page you visited prior to visiting our site, your browser and platform type (e.g. Netscape Navigator on Windows XP). We use this information to analyse visitor numbers and how visitors get to us. It does not identify visitors personally. This information is automatically logged by our web server (the computer our website is hosted on), along with other anonymous information such as how often each page is visited. We do not use 'cookies' for collecting visitor information.

For subscribers to our newsletter:

We log the details you supply with a third party email distribution service,, for the purpose only of maintaining our newletter distribution list. will not pass your details to other third parties. Further details can be obtained on their website.

What information do we collect and how is it used?

We collect only the minimum data required to provide newsletter or 360 Feedback to recipients and summary reports to client companies. The personal information we collect is used only for newsletters and 360 Feedback, and for no other purposes. Answers to completed questionnaires may be stored for the purposes of allowing feedback recipients to compare their current feedback with previous feedback if required. If you wish them to be deleted, please contact us.

For those individuals receiving feedback:

We collect your name and your email address. Also we collect the answers about you provided by the people chosen to give you feedback.

If the website is set up to provide summary reports to the client company we will collect demographic information, such as your department, business or geographic area. This is to allow surveys in one demographic area to be grouped together in one summary report. These summary reports do not identify individuals.

For those providing feedback:

We collect your name, your 'respondent group', the ratings you provide and optionally answers to open questions about the recipient's skills or performance. Your 'respondent group' means your relationship to the individual, e.g. 'peer', 'manager', direct report', etc. Your name is used to identify who has responded to a request for feedback, and may be used to identify yor information, or not. On feedback reports, answers are identified by respondent group, or by name. Whether a survey is non-attributable will be highlighted before you complete a survey.

It is important to note that by clicking on the button at the end of the questionnaire you give your consent to your answers being stored in our database and being made available to the holder of the 'report password' for this survey. They will not be able to identify you by your name, but will only know the respondent group you belong to (i.e. your relationship to the recipient).

How is personal data protected?

The data we collect is stored on a server in a database. Access to the data is controlled by passwords.

When a 360 survey is to be carried out for an individual they are given a 'questionnaire password'. This password controls access to the questionnaire, so the recipient of feedback sends out invitation links via email to people whose feedback they would like to receive. It is important to understand that in sending out a link to another person the individual consents to the collection and storage of that person's feedback about the individual, and its inclusion in reports.

Companies may not collect 360 Feedback about an individual without the individual's consent. That is a condition of our service provision.

Reports may be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, including countries which do not have data protection legislation. Of course, reports are password protected - the 360 Feedback reports for an individual are accessed only via a 'report' password. The arrangements for the control of the report password are the responsibility of the client company, whoever controls access to the report password controls access to the reports. We strongly advise companies to keep up to date records of who was provided with which report passwords.

In our guidelines for customers we draw client companies' attention to the importance of maintaining security by controlling access to both questionnaire and report passwords.

From time to time it is necessary for Virtua staff, the staff of our web hosting company, or our software providers, Parabola eBusiness Solutions Ltd to access user data stored in databases. This is only done when necessary and data will not be stored offline longer than is necessary for a specific task. Our servers are protected against unauthorised access by usernames and passwords, and are protected against access via anonymous FTP. In addition, relevant specific files and directories on the server are protected against unauthorised access.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, whether general ones about privacy or specific ones about data that may be held about you please email or write to us using the details on our contact page

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