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NLP at Work by Sue Knight
Applies the excellent ideas of Neuro Linguistic Programming to business situations such as improving feedback, developing goals, and understanding learning styles. Exercises to try at the end - and it's British!  

NLP -  The New Technology of Achievement by S Andreas and C Faulkner
An inspiring read about NLP, how it works, and including a 21 day 'programme' for self-improvement.

Selling with NLP by Kerry L Johnson
Shows how NLP can be applied to selling virtually anything, includes building rapport, discovering buying strategies, buying signals and so on. One of the few NLP books for sellers.

Facilitation by Trevor Bentley
Takes you through a case study workshop to explore the issues and techniques for anyone who has to run a workshop.

Your Best Year Yet!  by Jinny S Ditzler
Comes highly recommended! An inspiring book to help you reflect on where you've been and more importantly, where you want to go in your next year... and beyond. A self coaching book that'll pay for itself in no time.

Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
A work that proves what we HR folk have thought all along - that people skills and self knowledge are as, if not more crucial than technical skills and qualifications. Goleman looks at how to turn raw Emotional Intelligence into Emotional Competency - a must read for anyone in organisations in the new millenium.

Mentoring by Reg Hamilton
A very accessible book on Mentoring, (or Coaching if you are in the US) which explores the different types of Mentors, how to develop them and issues for organisations planning a mentoring scheme.

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Perfect In-House Training
by Colin Jones-Evans

Impro Learning
by Paul Jackson

Designing and delivering training for groups by David Leigh

58½ ways to improvise in training by Paul Jackson

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